mid_General_English__Business_I starting a series of posts about my impressions of our Homeland’s capital Moscow by this message.

The idea is: I write text on Russian language and translate it to English. Then i will publish post into my blog in midified order: english text first, after separator — russian text, for people would be able to understand, what i wanted to tell on foreign language. Also, it will be duplicated on Github.

Let’s start.

My first impressions about the city were such as: «I was travelling from railway station to a flat for a hour by subway. It is a long time. Probably, it was, because i was very sleepy at 6 a.m.» But when I was going from the railway station after I saw off my friend, I realised it was the an hour too. It put me into screeching halt. Subway in Moscow runs very often without traffic jams. I was going home for 45 minutes. Moscow is really huge! It was my first impression.

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