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12 October / / fiction

Isolde was sitting by the fireplace in a leather chair with a glass of whisky. It was raining outside the window and it was wet and unpleasant. The player played pleasant music. The dishes were ringing somewhere, so the cat was wandering around.

13 October / / fiction

In the meantime, quite a different place.

The walls of the castle were shaken by resounding blows, somewhere something collapsed, fell, crumbled.

07 October / / fiction
19 September / / fiction

The Nalin Academy of Magic is one of the best educational institutions on the planet Ka-Pax. During its millennia-long existence, its mentors have made it almost impossible - they have created a unique system of education, which, thanks to its thoughtfulness and exceptional teaching approach, could raise a well-educated decent magician from a village laggard in five years.

24 August / / fiction
05 August / / fiction
05 August / / fiction

Some buzzing thought, like a fly, kept me busy. He tried to turn and drive her away with his hands, burrowed under the blanket, hid his head under the pillow, but the buzzing did not stop.

05 August / / fiction

This Vasily differed from his brethren by being overly curious. He grew up like everyone else, but at the same time constantly asked a lot of questions.

04 August / / fiction
04 August / / fiction