This Vasily differed from his brethren by being overly curious. He grew up like everyone else, but at the same time constantly asked a lot of questions.

He was interested in everything around him and why it happened, which led him to very difficult situations, and he was disliked by his folks.

On this proud planet, 745, there were forests next to his tribe, with different animals and plants. One of the most dangerous animals was… The saber-toothed turanian, which reached 2.5 meters in length, was a meter high in the crest and weighed not little - 300 kg. The teranoks fed on everyone, who they caught, because they were the biggest predators on this planet, and the cornflowers were their treats. In a tribe of adults, and by their standards this is the period of 23 winters, they had to go on a trip to this forest and bring berries, which grew more often in the dense.

And here came the day when our Vasiliy was to undergo the rite of passage. All his brethren had long been gathered in the center of the Sequoia clan villages, but since he was very different from them in his mind, he stood with all the joyful and sociable… in a crowd, and away from everyone. He’s been lonely for five winters. It was just unbearable to talk to him. And that’s the day that they can not everybody will return when they leave their children, but men, whom the authorities may allow to reproduce, will return. the girls grew up in another tribe (this was the way the rulers). And only the one who brings the berries can experience the pleasure with a girl.

Everybody ran forward long ago, breaking their heads, only our hero was walking carefully, and seeing a nice tall oak tree next to… with the fallen massive branch, looked at it. He knew that there were plenty of beasts of prey this autumn… decided to take it. It was dark a long time ago as he was walking towards his goal. In the distance, he heard screams. It was the screams of his peers, that got caught by a saber tooth. Vasily sat down by a tree similar to an oak tree, but it was a real boar - a plant similar to… on an oak tree, but feeding on animals.

Vasek has long since learned their differences. Even though they were similar, but the boar had a significant difference - the roots were thin, the barely visible vine that he entangled to death and through its spikes fed on the moisture and juices of creatures, injecting his own. paralyzing juice. Vasily knew that until dawn, out of 120 guys, God forbid 40 would survive and couldn’t sleep. But to walk on… the drowning is very difficult and there was no more strength. And if you lie down, you will be instantly eaten, you have to go further than that. And then, wading through the swamp, leaning on his hanging stick of oak at the light of two moons and the celestial constellation of an elephant, he heard… A strange sound, which at first reminded of the squealing of his tribesmen, but listening, he realized that he was very different. He was very different. was like the squealing of a small animal. He was struggling through a thorny road to the noise. A saber-toothed, another pimp the size of… the dog, got caught in a bog and it was dragged in deep. The only paws sticking outward were the front paws on the moss and the face. Kutenka saw his favorite food, and Vasiliy saw the worst enemy of his tribe. According to the laws of the tribe, he should have killed a saber-toothed, but something happened to him, when he saw in his eyes despair and fear, pity and the look of humility with death.

Having collected branches nearby and broken young trees, he carpeted it all up to a puppy and lay down flat and at his own risk. the risk of crawling to get the enemy out. All he saw was a raised face, all that was left of him. The pimp wasn’t whining anymore. When he came very close and carefully slipped his hands into the moor under his neck, he began to pull as hard as he could, but there was no result. And when he heard the complaining cheekbones, reminiscent of meowing, he pulled sharply out of his last forces and at the same time, he accepted that nothing would work. But then from the sharp jerk his carpet began to go deep, and the teranok went upstairs. The saber-toothed, seeing his delicacy, did not try… to bite off his arm or head, he knew he owed his life, and when he was once again sharply pulled, he was free. out of the silt front paws, and he was able to put them on a twig carpet. Teranok tried his best to get out of the area and help the savior.  Another spurt and saber-toothed saved. And at that very moment, he snapped away and took off without saying thank you or anything else. of gratitude. Vasiliy, tortured and tired after salvation, understood that either if he did not get out, he would get stuck in the swamp from fatigue, he crawled back out and crawled out of his last strength to the big oak, making sure it wasn’t a hog.

He fell asleep and felt something incomprehensible - his hand had become wet but very warm. Feeling soft and warm on his feet, he opened his eyes abruptly and saw that very saved saber-toothed. He slept peacefully on it, and on his hand lay the biggest… a rabbit. So you said thank you after all. - I stroked the soft wool of a teranoc. - Now you’ll be my loyal friend. I’ll call you Jack. The sabre opened his eyes and licked his hands.

-Sleep well, friend, we’ll be on our way in the morning.

(c) by Anna