One of...

Some buzzing thought, like a fly, kept me busy. He tried to turn and drive her away with his hands, burrowed under the blanket, hid his head under the pillow, but the buzzing did not stop.

I had to get up. He put his legs in his slippers, scratched his left buttock, reached out and went towards the dining room. The dining room was his office, which was full of books, crates, scrolls, paper and documents. In the midst of this chaos there was a massive table, but it was also swamped, and there was very little working space left, but the owner of the table was used to it. The walls were hung with shelves, but they were also filled with books and scrolls. There was a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, with the tail of his favorite hanging periodically. The tail was striped, ironed, and generally behaved quite wilfully.

The master of the office slid the heavy curtains and squinted at the dazzling violet dawn. The day promises to be bright.

“I hope that when the sun finally rises, it will dispel all this purple! - Thought He. - I hate purple!”

Lilac’s eye opened, watched the owner’s thoughts, appreciated the original hairstyle - a nice jam on one side and a mad ruffle on the other - and closed again. The tail tip twitched, the chandelier swayed.

When the ruffled head turned to the table, there was already a tiny cup with a brown drink. It stood there and smoked funny. The fragrance reached the nose of the Lord, and he had already begun to forget the disgust of this morning. He shuffled to the table with his teddy slippers, plunged into a comfortable chair, took the cup in his hands, and covered his eyes and slipped it off. And he’d be sitting like this till lunch if it weren’t for the buzzing. It resumed. The thought required attention. And I didn’t want to wait!

  • Oh, for fuck’s sake! - The Lord has cursed. - I don’t like to think so early!

He began to look through the papers on his desk, and if there was a thought, there was a message somewhere. A small piece of paper was attached to the very edge of the table and wouldn’t let you know about it. The lord, irritated by the order, ripped it off, read it, and snapped out of place.

Have you ever seen a ruffled ghost? A skinny silhouette in a white nightgown with scraps of hair sticking out of his head was running down the corridors towards the high tower. Except he didn’t rattle with chains for the frightening entourage.

And in the tower, meanwhile, he peacefully dumped Astronomer in his chair. He was a long beard, long hair, and completely gray. He was wrapped in a blue mantle with knocked out gold stars, and his blue cap with the same stars had almost moved away from his head - so he found the Lord.

The Lord ran in noisily, couldn’t speak, but shaken with a small piece of paper and murmured something - he was out of breath. The astronomer sobbed, opened his eyes, and touched the spectacle.

  • Well! Tell me! Is this it?

  • Yes, sir. This is it. The star has lit up. And there’s even a saber-toothed constellation nearby.