The morning met Vasily with a brilliant thought: I think, so I was not eaten. This fact proved that the morning started well.

Vaska opened his eyes and looked around: in the glade the rabbit finished eating his cudgel, and the saber-toothed rabbit, but the other.

Jack noticed that the savior had woken up yesterday and looked at him, somehow cautiously. He had strange dreams all night about ghosts, stars and astronomers. But he liked the dreams in general, and the constellation in his honor was also nothing, and it gave hope that the swab could be eaten without harming his health. And the rabbit was surprisingly delicious. It’s a beautiful morning!

The rabbit bit the cudgel. There was only one thought in his head: what else could you chew?  He looked at the saber-toothed - too hairy, at the cornflower - too bony, and no leaves.  And then, on the way of his gaze, there was an oak tree, under which they fell asleep yesterday.  And he began to systematically absorb the tree, starting with the most delicious - leaves.

In fact, the rabbits on planet 745 were very interesting creatures. On the one hand, they were the sweetest creatures in the universe: soft hair, green big eyes, big ears. In general, they represented the thoughts of students in the most extreme form, that is, they only chewed, slept and multiplied. Roughly in that order. Well, to completely bring the reader to an episode of propitiation - rabbits ate rainbows and pooped butterflies. And that’s where we’ll stop for more details.

The fact is that despite all its nanny, if the rabbit is one, rabbits were the worst animals on the planet - if there are many. When they ate, they ate everything they saw. So plant or animal, they didn’t care. The object to be eaten was absorbed at a decent rate. Even the bloodthirsty saber-toothers were afraid of them. However, if the rabbits became too many per square meter, they would starve to death. They didn’t suffer from cannibalism, most of them, and that didn’t help much. Therefore, there were occasionally flat, as if lawn-mowed meadows with a bunch of butterflies. And nearby were a bunch of dead rabbits that died of starvation.

The rabbit started sharpening the oak trunk when the saber-toothed heard a rustle that was heard nearby…