Vassilius was tense, Jack murmured, Rabbit kept sharpening the oak. Something seemed to come out of the bushes.

It was something brown-green, shaggy and spewing curses.

  • I can’t remember, I can’t remember a damn thing! How did it… it was on some course… - the creature was muttering without seeing anything around.

Vasily was looking at it and trying to figure out whether to crack it or just leave, maybe give it to Jack to eat, but he just hammered the rabbit. While the rabbit was talking, the stranger twisted something, waited, talked, stomped on it with his foot and in a blink of an eye like a bucket of water had been poured out. The saber-toothed and Vasya looked at the sky at the same time - no clouds. They lowered their eyes at the same time. Instead of a shaggy brown creature in the clearing there was a quite clean vodka. Clean and dry. Chestnut hair curled and rushed in all directions like dandelion. The body of the vase was skinny, and some rags dangled on it from the clothes, but the most secret was covered. There was a small but chubby book on his belt. The remarkable thing was that one foot of the new cornflower was bigger than the other. Vasily had never seen such a thing before.

  • Hey! Hey!!! Oh, come on! At least someone’s alive and not a rabbit! - The dandelion screamed.

Vasily was staring at him, Jack was tense, but he couldn’t figure out what to do, the Rabbit was sharpening the oak.

  • I came with a mia-roo! - Loudly, stretching his words, the bloated vase shouted.

That’s how those who speak to a foreigner for the first time, but don’t know their language, usually unwittingly talk. They think that’s probably how they’ll be better understood.

  • Are you so-and-maaaaing me?

You nodded.

  • Oh, that’s great! Hey! Ha-ha! It’s been so long since I’ve seen a reasonable life! - It’s been a while since I’ve seen a sensible life. - My name is Leo, I’m from the planet Ka-Pax, I’m a magician! I can’t think how I got here and where I’m going, I know there’s a small town nearby, I’m going there, I hope for the best! Well, I’m an optimist! Ha-ha! What are you doing here? Why don’t you break up with me? Maybe I’ll find my little ship, we’ll explore the ocean space? А? А? Have you ever seen it? Oh, it’s beautiful! And the colors, what colors!

Vasily barely had time to process his words, but he got the point. And something inside him told him to go with this very strange guy. Perhaps it was a sense of adventure, long ripened in a string, and perhaps a sense of self-preservation - on the place where he just sat, with a noise fell oak.