Acquaintance continues

The Nalin Academy of Magic is one of the best educational institutions on the planet Ka-Pax. During its millennia-long existence, its mentors have made it almost impossible - they have created a unique system of education, which, thanks to its thoughtfulness and exceptional teaching approach, could raise a well-educated decent magician from a village laggard in five years.

Fortunately, Leo was one of the lucky few. He was not on the list of the most diligent students, no, but he knew the zoology of his home world well. He could talk about some animals for hours, voice not only the official program, but also elegantly insert quotes from the essays of famous travelers and naturalists. But it was the first time he’d seen such a dumb rabbit. Not only was this specimen of the family of hare gnawed tree (where can you see it?), but it was still not thawed enough and was tragically buried under his own dinner. What a foolish thing to do. Leo snorted. \r\n\n- Hey, man, where are you? - new buddy’s as cold as a trail.

  • I’m here, help,” the voice came out of the fallen crown.

As fast as he could for Leo, he ran around the fallen trunk and started picking up branches. One minute later the tree captive was released. For himself, Leo said that his new acquaintance was still lucky - just a couple of bruises and a bunch of small scratches.

  • You just sit there and don’t move, I’ll help you.

The magician opened his book to the right page, and talked the words of a healing spell. The victim was shrouded in a dense ring with a barely visible gray haze. As soon as it penetrated into the body, the patient coughed up and jumped.

  • What have you done to me, sorcerer?! - He was shaking his fists and trying to make a ferocious face, though any outside observer would immediately know that the guy was just scared.

  • It’s all right,” Leo replied quietly, returning the book to his belt, “just cured. What’s your name?

The stranger felt his face, shoulders, and smile confusedly. - You’re a strong shaman. Thank you. I’m Vassili, and this is Jack. - he poked his fingers at a saber tooth lying on the side. The beast yawned wide.

  • So what about my offer, you with me? - I didn’t give up on Leo.

  • I’d love to, but I have to be a man first,” the guy answered and took a look. He must have been very embarrassed by that question.

Leo took two steps back, just in case.

  • And where are we going to find you a girlfriend here? Let’s go straight to town, I think we can help you there,” Vasily winked.

  • I don’t think so,” Vasiliy winked thoughtfully, “I need to bring a special berry to the village before the next morning. Only then will the shaman reveal to me the girl’s mystery.

  • And what, without berries your girls do not give? - Leo winked at Basil, trying to make him laugh, but complete misunderstanding on the face of his opponent repulsed the desire to joke further and he just waved his hand - Never mind. If you so need this berry, let’s go and look for it. I think it’s better to find a few of them, if you don’t mind.

(s) Anna.