Girl's Sacrament

They found a berry. It grew under a huge fern bush. The fern grew in the forest, the forest was very large, they walked long.

Excruciating searches brightened up Leo’s chatter. He wouldn’t shut up and say anything. He was always telling something.

The berry had a bright salad color and smelled… It smelled really bad with dirty socks.

  • Oh, are you sure that’s what you should bring a shaman in exchange for a woman? - Asked Leo.

Vaska shrugged his shoulders, silently cut off a berry and stuffed it in a shoulder bag.

  • You go, I’ll follow you aside, something’s in your leg, it hurts,” said the magician.

Jack, too, decided to walk away from me and not even look at Washi.

The stench was unimaginable.

  • They don’t change it for a woman, but for the Girl’s Sacrament,” muttered Vasya. Those must have been the only words in all the time they walked through the forest back and forth.

In the morning they reached the village, but Vasek went alone to the village itself.

  • You go, give the gifts, get the women, I’ll wait for you here in the shade, I don’t like, you know, all these rites, and the crowd.

They decided to leave Jack with Leo too, because I don’t think anybody expected to see a saber tooth in the village.

Vasek approached the shaman’s house, looked around and knocked quietly.

Vasya opened the door and walked in uncertainly, immediately enveloped by a cloud of smoke with some subtle familiar smell.

  • What do you smell,” the shaman asked. He sat in a mountain of pillows of different sizes and smoked a long tube. Clusters of smoke hung around the shaman and wrapped up in bizarre figures. Sometimes these figures sparkled with salad sparks.

The body of the shaman himself was not visible, only his wrinkled face as if floating in white waves.

  • I kept my end of the bargain, brought berries, spent the night in the woods, defeated a saber-toothed. - Of course, our hero was listening a little bit, but the truth wasn’t far away. He won Jack in a way, and the fact that he didn’t kill him in the process is not necessary for a shaman to know it.

  • Well, I’ll tell you the great mystery of a woman,” the shaman said. “Come closer, closer, closer.

Vasek has already come as close to the shaman as he can. In the fog, he could never see the old man’s body, so he was guided by his voice. Then a face appeared in front of him and whispered: “The great mystery of the girl is that they don’t know what they want - these women!!!” The old man snatched a sack of berries sharply, rusted homerically and disappeared into the clubs of mist.

  • Dismissed,” the old man shouted out and continued laughing.

Vasek left the shaman’s house baffled, smoky, and stinking. His eyes were red with smoke, his hair clutched in different directions, and he was slightly jiggled by what he hadn’t eaten for a long time, hadn’t slept in a long time, and was breathing smoke. He had no possessions, so he immediately moved from the village to where he had left his acquaintances. In the meantime, they were peacefully planting oak in the shade, of course, making sure that there was not a single Krol nearby.

When Vasya came up to them, Jack swung up sharply, sneezed and growled angrily, Leo opened his eyes, breathed in, exhaled.

  • You stink of dirty socks, mate. And you look like you’re a dirty sock. Have you done all your work?

  • Yeah, I did.

  • Then let’s go look for my ship, just find some river or something first. Let’s wash you. There’s not enough magic here to clear that smell. I didn’t know women could bring a guy to this point! - The magician giggled.

All you did was take a sad sigh and spit on Leo looking for a river.

(c) Anna.