One of... (second part)

In the meantime, quite a different place.

The walls of the castle were shaken by resounding blows, somewhere something collapsed, fell, crumbled.

The Lord we know sat in his office, surrounded himself with books, scrolls, and something thundering under his nose, as if he did not pay attention to the fact that the floor is shaking, that something is whistling outside the window, crumbling and burning. The chandelier rocked harder than usual, the tip of the striped tail twitched nervously.

Suddenly something pink and shiny flew into the room, it was shattered and shrieking.

  • Who? Who guessed to call that flying lizard?! Do you even know what’s going on in there? What the…

The lord stared at the creature in every eye. In front of him stood a tall woman in a short pink dress with sequins, her head as if she had been falling down and braking her head for a long time. And on this nap was somehow attached to a witch’s pink cap. She had a shiny magic wand with tinsel in her hands.

The fairy understood from the Lord’s look that something had gone wrong, looked at herself, cursed, swung a wand and covered herself with a silver cloud.

When the cloud came down, the same tall woman stood before the Lord, only the dress was black, the hood was missing, and the long brown hair was styled and exuded pleasant smells.

  • Is there a shock, Sigismundik? - She started, shut up, covered her mouth with a small pen, coughed up and continued. - One time, oh yeah, that’s mine.

Sweet as a honey voice spread across the room and filled the entire office space. The lord relaxed and softened. That voice could listen to all eternity. Meanwhile, the lady was slowly approaching Sigismundik and continued to coo.

  • I ask you, how did this lizard come here, who disgraced my teleportation here so ugly? - She asked me, drilling with her almond-shaped eyes of the Lord. Her upturned nose was almost touching his nose. He could already smell her. And he could smell her rage, too.

  • It was me, I wanted to find the Chosen One by accident, and it turned out to be a dragon,” he retorted.

  • And that’s why you called me here, so I could tame this lizard? - The woman stretched her words out. - Wait, you found the Chosen One? Did he show up? Where is he? Who is he? I want him for myself!

  • I haven’t found him yet, I just know he is.

The woman jumped up, pulled the tail hanging from the chandelier, nervously walked into the room, or rather the part of her that wasn’t swamped with book junk.

  • And how? How did you manage to summon the dragon?

  • Yes, the pages were glued together in one book, - Sigizmundik muttered with a completely fallen voice.

It rolled around the room as empty as the old one, eyes fired lightning bolts, the Lord pressed into the chair and hoped to sneak through.

At that moment the castle shaken again, something collapsed again somewhere, the smell of burning was heard.

  • Well, you won’t pay me back. I’m going to send Firebreather home.

A light cotton was heard and Sigismundik was left alone. He took a deep breath, exhaled. Outside the window stopped rumbling, but I heard a roar mixed with a woman’s scolding, and periodically breathed fire, after that, by the way, women’s scolding increased.

  • And I will make you run around the castle, you bookworm! - The witch’s head that appeared out of nowhere screamed.

The relaxed lord shuddered, blinked, swallowed and happily passed out.

(c) Anna