Not more than a week ago, I came across several interesting and fabulous worlds.

There were many of them, these worlds - the whole universe, which united all of them into one. They could exist separately, or they could coexist. But they were all something similar, like the fact that they were… a small mass (why and what it has to do with - I don’t know, don’t ask). Each has been calibrated over many years of evolution… gorgeous and colorful. The paints were burning and shimmering in different shades, which, however, were mostly reddish orange, but sometimes the colours were transformed into simple and clear, like a stool, a spitting eye. Yes, yes, the green letters on the red background were not only on these sites of your 90s.

Each one of this diversity was like a solar system. It had a central star, and sometimes a few stars, around which planets rotated. There were satellites flying around and all that stuff that we had. Unless there was space debris, because there wasn’t… there’s the Queen and other designers. And the USSR wasn’t there either.

Well, they were fabulous planets with seas, oceans… by the mountains, I guess. Well, it’s got to be to match the fairytale world. Otherwise, they won’t understand and conclude with questions, in style: Why don’t you have water?

Have you ever wondered: why don’t you have cold water in August? Whoa! But the housing and utilities sector… wasn’t there either, so the water was always there. Well, I was distracted. Well, planets. There was a sky around every planet, the atmosphere and everything else that your fantasy will come up with. Like unicorns with ponias. In total, there were some planets… monotonous and the same, although they may have been fundamentally different from each other. Like a vintage from lynx. Okay, enough about the device of the world, the main thing lies in the inhabitants!

Of course there were inhabitants. On planets. And they were small, but powerful… creatures who could do a lot of things that the Masters used to make them do. Yeah, there were some things that were so incomprehensible and a little… the various rulers who ran it all. Control was usually limited to occasionally, depending on… as the stars lay in the sky, the left heel of the fifth leg is scratched, or the elephant walks in the ear, kicks are heard. to do something on this or that planet.

Creatures, even a people of these creatures, or a population, were called Waski. It’s Waski, not Waski. They were brutally sweet creatures who had a connection. Linked to what? That’s right, with a star. The inside one. And without that connection, it was impossible to imagine their existence. If some vasi has… (it’s a reference to a population instance, not a name) this connection was disappearing, then he was starting to get sad. But after it was restored. the mood was improving and the creature was ready for new accomplishments. In general, the people were working, unquestioned… carried out any will of the rulers, if that will was properly explained. I mean, “go there, I don’t know where, bring it… then, I don’t know what” wasks refused to perform, sending the ruler on foot trip towards [RTFM] (http://lurkmore.to/RTFM). For one should not try to steer without reading the documentation. Why the people were called vaski should be asked from the rulers, about whom it is written below.

The rulers were like the gods. from ancient Greek myths. Unless they were particularly different from each other, they can only be an experience of ruling the people. And of course almost every one of them tried to rule the world or the worlds. Some were successful and some weren’t. At their behest, at their will, the people multiplied, the cornflowers were born as on yeast or died. And there were times when the inhabitants were transformed…  from one species to another. They changed color, abilities, but still the essence and connection with the star remained unchanged. In very rare cases, rulers destroyed worlds, because more often than not they created and did not touch them. Sometimes there were… entire universes are destroyed forever and ever. These were sad and transporting moments, first of all for the rulers. But such moments were very rare.

And then one day a new cornflower was born. Not even a vaska, but Vasiliy! Not Vasya or Vasyok, but Vasiliy!

And then everyone will be assured…