Isolde was sitting by the fireplace in a leather chair with a glass of whisky. It was raining outside the window and it was wet and unpleasant. The player played pleasant music. The dishes were ringing somewhere, so the cat was wandering around.

There was peace and serenity at heart. An idyll…

The girl looked sadly at the glass.

  • That drunk brought me whiskey again. I told him many times I didn’t drink. - She drunk. She wasn’t embarrassed that the drunkard was a redheaded cat who went out for dinner. She wasn’t embarrassed anymore. Not a talking cat, not soaring islands, not all the mess that’s going on in this strange, very strange world.

Suddenly there was an unpleasant squeak, like foam on glass. “The cat started cutting the meat. “That’s good. Maybe it’ll even stay after him for a while.” The girl started analyzing the past day for some reason. It’s started, it seems to be good. The sun was shining in the room, there was no need to get up early. The idyll… Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the house. “Who did it bring for the night watching?!” She was outraged and went to open the door to the alien.

  • Who’s there? - Isolde asked someone at the door with irritation.

  • Almost his own,” said the voice outside.

The door opened and there was a young man standing on the doorstep. The drops of rain were dripping safely off his clothes. Behind Alexei, as his name was, was sitting with the “satisfied” face of a leopard. And he looked at his master with bad eyes. Sometimes. He really “liked” this rain.

  • Well, come on in if you want, the girl smiled. - And him,” she pointed out to the enthusiastic leopard, “to wash in the shower. The leopard was saddened - he loved water, but did not like to wash. The guy walked into the house, undressed, and bathed the pet.

  • Oh, food! - He saw the dinner that Barsik had just brought. - Oh, Barsik! - After that phrase, the cat tried to evaporate or at least pretend to be a hose. He couldn’t do either one. A clean leopard flew into the room silently.

  • Innocentius! And there’s your friend, Barsik! - Alexei nodded at the red hose. At the same time, the hose tried to go underground. It didn’t work.

  • Enjoy your meal and tell me! What are you doing here? - A girl with a smile invited a traveler to the table.

  • Well… - The smiling guest said a prayer. - It all started when the sun began to shine at night!

  • So, - Alexey absorbed the meat, - I’m sitting at home tonight. And as you remember, I have a small house with a plot. It was already dark, almost night. I’m tired of watching the news, that’s all. I was even wondering if I should go to bed. Suddenly it started to shine. It’s pretty sharp. I strangely approach the window, and the sun is shining there. At 12:00 at night. It’s strange, I thought I couldn’t see a mushroom from a nuclear charge. So I’m not gonna die quickly. Suddenly, I’m pressed against the floor. I couldn’t get up for five minutes. Then it seemed to let me go, but I felt some vibration at home, and shoved me aside, like drunk. “Overworked” - thought to me, so I decided to get up off the floor and look out the window.

Outside the window, it was the same. The garden, the grass and the cliff.

0_o - yes, yes, I had that face when I saw that the land ends in 20 meters from the house. There was the sky, birds and all kinds of flying, multi-winged animals.

  • Straaaano,” I thought. And there’s a wrap…

The Vpn1 universe of this world was gradually expanding by changing the landscape of the planets that came into its borders. Sometimes it was joined by whole planets, and sometimes, if for the ideal picture of the world in a particular area was not enough a small piece, then took a piece of the planet. Sometimes a big one, sometimes a small one. Usually, if the planet was inhabited, it caused quite a surprise among its inhabitants. That’s what happened in this case. It only took a small piece of land with a house to form a puzzle and expand further. The choice fell to a house on planet Earth. The plot was in a place that represents the name of the planet. There were directions, but there were no roads. So there was solid ground. After the choice, an energy beam was formed over the site, like from a flying saucer, only from nowhere, and ripped it out with the root. Or better yet, with roots. And a piece of septic tank. Then it was moved to an empty place and the universe put its expansion without caring about the fact that someone in the house could live. Natural selection, that’s it.

  • Um,” the guy thought when he left the house. - I guess I’ve done a lot of work. I’m gonna go get some sleep. - I went back to the house, went to bed and fell asleep.

  • Um,” the guy thought again, leaving the house after 12 hours of sleep. - Something weird.

He came to the border of the station. He was preparing to fall a piece of the neighbor’s fence into the abyss. Why the abyss, though. It was a beautiful view. Flying islands, vines, birds. Beauty as in a fairy tale. Some islands were with lakes and rivers. These rivers would fall off the borders and waterfalls would fall down. Somewhere down there was constant rain because of this beauty. Suddenly, the admiration for this view was interrupted by a loud meow and the sounds of something falling into the water. “And what else has brought on my head” - Alexey thought and went to his pool. By the pool, a big leopard was shaking off the water. And, judging by the meowing, he cursed quietly.

  • Suddenly! - The guy exclaimed quite loudly. The leopard looked back and jumped in surprise at the same pool.

  • With a meow tattoo? - Outraged, the leopard asked the guy.

  • Are you trying to talk to me? I don’t understand you. - Alexei answered. But his cat got it, maybe not literally, but he reacted with a distinctive earthly muzzle gesture.

  • Meow,” said the cat, and quickly fled in sight, jumping down.

He was gone for 5-10 minutes. In that time, the guy managed to go around the whole site and make sure that, yes, there was a cliff everywhere. A piece of land just hangs in the air. There’s a bunch of similar flying islands around. Apart from them, there were unknown objects that were far away, but you could see that they looked like some kind of vehicles. These vehicles did not bother with gravity and moved in any direction. In general, there was gravity here, but it acted somehow strange and selectively. For example, it did not act on flying islands, at the same time, on objects on them - quite.

  • Määäu! - It spread out somewhere above, and the leopard landed in the pool again.