A simple seo checker

I started to learn SEO when I start periodically write to the blog. I found several analyzers, which helped me. But all of it has a little disadvantage - each of analyzer was paid. Its free version was very limited, e.g. 4 pages analysis per day.

Also each of it working differently: some services check link’s title attribute, some don’t. So I decided to write a SEO checker for myself. If you want to check your site, you can open this link: Seo checker

How to use

Write your site hostname or interesting page and click ‘Submit’. If you entered only host, like ’nevinsky.net’, checker will work with the main page and 4 internal from the sitemap. If you entered the path, checker analysis only it.

As result, you will see report like this:

Seo check result

Existing checks

Http / https checks

  1. Http url -> https url, like:
http://nevinsky.net -> https://nevinsky.net.
  1. Http www url -> https url, like:
http://www.nevinsky.net -> https://nevinsky.net
  1. Https www url -> https url, like:
https://www.nevinsky.net -> https://nevinsky.net
  1. Https url of site.

Robots.txt and sitemap checks

  1. Checks /robots.txt. It should have a sitemap directive.
  2. Checks sitemaps from robots.txt.

Page checks

  1. Length of title tag.
  2. Length of meta tag with name description.
  3. The title attribute existing of all links on a page.
  4. The alt attribute existing in all images.

Result of these checks you can see on thesite or can download a report.

Planned checks

  1. Broken links.
  2. Inspect header hierarchy on a page.
  3. Opengraph, schema.org and other microdata page.
  4. Title, h1 and page’s url overlapping.
  5. Keywords.

Link to checker again =) Seo checker

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