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09 May / / tech
10 April / / tech

I started to learn SEO when I start periodically write to the blog. I found several analyzers, which helped me. But all of it has a little disadvantage - each of analyzer was paid. Its free version was very limited, e.g. 4 pages analysis per day.

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09 March / / tech

In first part we securely set up virtual machine and install nginx with https support by Let’s Encrypt certbot. In this second part we setup Docker and Portainer. Portainer we will use for docker comfortable control. Let’s start!

20 February / / tech
You want a landing page or blog. You can use Wordpress but I think it is too mush for this. The best choice will be being Hugo - a static site generator written in Go. It is optimized for speed, easy use and configurability. Hugo takes a directory with content and templates and renders them into a full HTML website which hosted by nginx. Hugo makes use of markdown files with front matter for meta data.
25 January / / tech

There was a convenient library Sqliteassethelper. It made possible do not write migration scripts from old to new schema version. The library immediately copies the new database file from apk when the new version of your application stating. And versioning of the database was saved.

18 December / / tech
12 October / / fiction

Isolde was sitting by the fireplace in a leather chair with a glass of whisky. It was raining outside the window and it was wet and unpleasant. The player played pleasant music. The dishes were ringing somewhere, so the cat was wandering around.

13 October / / fiction

In the meantime, quite a different place.

The walls of the castle were shaken by resounding blows, somewhere something collapsed, fell, crumbled.

07 October / / fiction

They found a berry. It grew under a huge fern bush. The fern grew in the forest, the forest was very large, they walked long.

19 September / / fiction

The Nalin Academy of Magic is one of the best educational institutions on the planet Ka-Pax. During its millennia-long existence, its mentors have made it almost impossible - they have created a unique system of education, which, thanks to its thoughtfulness and exceptional teaching approach, could raise a well-educated decent magician from a village laggard in five years.

24 August / / fiction

Vassilius was tense, Jack murmured, Rabbit kept sharpening the oak. Something seemed to come out of the bushes.

05 August / / fiction

The morning met Vasily with a brilliant thought: I think, so I was not eaten. This fact proved that the morning started well.