How to chills in estosadok

This is my first post about trips and nature with many photos of beautiful places =)

Why I choose Sochi and Estosadok?

Russia opens its internal flights in the start of July after long months of covid pandemic. At that moment I was changing my working place. I wanted to have a little vacation. I didn’t have it from the beginning of the year. I have a little number of variants of choise: have a trip to suburbs of Moscow or fly to Sochi. So I choose Sochi region. Estosadok Village. Why Estosadok:

  1. It is a little village in mountains (500m under the sea) without crowds of people with beautiful views.
  2. Cheap cost of aparts (200$ of 6 days).
  3. Many mountains paths with beautiful views of Kavkaz, waterfalls and clean air.
  4. You can drive from village to sea for 30 minutes only.

Views from apart:

Estosadok village and the Black Sea (sorry for bad quality of night photos):

There are many beautiful places in Kavkas Mountains, such as:

Park of Mendeliha’s waterfalls

Cool place with waterfalls and forest. How to get there? Go up and down by ski elevator from Rosa Khutor resort.

There are several eco-trails for you. Go by longest, because it is not so long, but it is most beautiful.

This eco-trail has many ascents and descents. Take a bottle with you and you can collect very tasty water from mountain rivers along your walk.

Bzerpinsky cornice

  • First, you need buying a ticket in the Alpindustry sport shop.
  • Next go Gazprom Alpika ski elevator.

For this walk you should have tracking boats, a raincoat and many stamina. The average time for a walk is 3 hours to one way under crowns of trees. The way to the place is always uphill. But a backward way - is downhill =)

Altitude 2200 in Krasnaya Polyana resort

You can go here by a ski elevator too. But your back way you can do only by your foot. Your way will be very hard, bcz it will be way by black ski slopes. But if you choose blue slopes it till be fine=)

There are have a bike park with good tracks. Upstairs, you can take a zipline ride or just sample the beautiful views.

Achipse river valley

First, you need buying a ticket at the Aviary Complex. You can go here either on foot or by bus.

The start is from the enclosure complex. Then along the forest road along the mountain river Achipse. Sometimes the road will cross it. The road has a bridge that made from rusty metal. But it is still holding on.

So, I think the Estosdok is very cool place for chill and work several weeks=)

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