Hugo's theme of my blog

As I promised in the previous post, I present to your attention the theme on which my blog works. Behind version 0.0.1.

I migrate all improvements from my site to this theme. Sources placed here: Hugo nederburg theme.

I tried to add examples for all improvements to theme’s exampleSite.

Improvements of theme:

  • Shortcut for gallery.
  • Shortcut for google map.
  • A bit of seo optimizations.
  • Css and js compressions.
  • Page speed optimizations.
  • Previous and next pagination in blog post.
  • If you place image with ‘cover.png’ or ‘cover.jpg’ image in post “/img” folder - it used as cover image automatically.

If you have any questions, please send them to email or create issue here Improvements and fixes are welcome!

What I would like to do in the next releases:


  • Package favicons. Here you need to describe where they are and what set should be.
  • Description of tags and categories.
  • Seo fixes for tags and categories.
  • Add search, possibly based on
  • Add AMP pages to generation.
  • Add a dropdown menu item to the left submenu.
  • Add generation of title based on the name of the folder with the post or md file.
  • Add author by default.
  • Migrate to the latest versions of jquery and jqueryMigrate