Hugo's theme of my blog

As promised in my previous post, I’m excited to introduce the theme that powers my blog: version 0.0.1.

I have migrated all improvements from my site to this theme. You can find the source code here: Hugo nederburg theme.

I have included examples for all enhancements in the theme’s exampleSite.

Theme Improvements:

  • Shortcut for gallery integration.
  • Shortcut for Google Maps embedding.
  • Basic SEO optimizations.
  • CSS and JS compression.
  • Page speed enhancements.
  • Previous and next post pagination.
  • Automatic cover image feature: place an image named ‘cover.png’ or ‘cover.jpg’ in the post’s “/img” folder, and it will be used as the cover image.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or create an issue here. Your feedback and contributions are welcome!

Upcoming Features:

  • Package favicons with detailed instructions on placement and recommended sets.
  • Description and implementation of tags and categories.
  • SEO improvements for tags and categories.
  • Add search functionality, possibly using this gist.
  • Add AMP pages for better mobile performance.
  • Add a dropdown menu item to the left submenu.
  • Automatically generate titles based on the folder or markdown file name.
  • Set author by default.
  • Migrate to the latest versions of jQuery and jQuery Migrate.

Stay tuned for more updates!