time2travel.me - a new travel blog

Hey, we’ve launched our travel blog with nice photos, secret routes and neet life hacks. It’s in Russian, but I’m sure you’ll love it anyway =)

A couple of words from author:


Several years ago. No. Many years ago! I returned with tons of photos and emotions after my first little trip. And I told about this to my friends.

My name is Rimma and I like traveling! 🙂

My trips often became and longer since the first trip. It was to several parts of Russia and the world. Emotions and photos became more and more. So I created this blog to tell about it.

My trips often happen and with various durations: from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks. We have an awl in the ass, so we can’t stay more than 3-4 days in one place 🙂.

I think, anybody can travel. It can be not Maldives or Canary Islands. It can be the Kavkaz Mountains or the Dolomites, 5-star hotel or guesthouse in Nizhniy Novgorod.

I write about cheaper and interesting options in my blog. I write about the best choices and how to get from an airport or how to choose the best living. How much is it? I’m sharing my advice and emotions with many photos.

Friends, traveling! It is so interesting!

And a link to the site again: time2travel.me.